This HowTo assumes that you already have pfSense installed on both computers and network cards configured with IP address etc. switchport trunk allowed vlan 2-16,20-22,50,99,100,255,256.

An overview of 1:1 NAT rules can be found here.


1. Then click on the second pencil symbol to edit the second gateway. .


Using SSH we can access the firewall at IP 192. 3. One-to-One NAT configuration in OPNsense.

Put private ips on the WAN interfaces of the primary and secondary firewalls. For this example, enter 198.



Carp. « on: April 10, 2021, 11:08:08 pm ».

10GHz, 8GB. 10.

Zenarmor (if running Elasticsearch on the OPNsense box) Intrusion Detection (Suricata).
Call pfSense to update the "static ip" of the virtual carp interface to the one provided by the DHCP, also update the gateway and bitmask if required.


Expected: 3 Different CARP IPs with the same VHID Group on interface.

. . Ensure that only CARP VIPs are used for inbound traffic or.

200 and 24 (See WAN IP Address Assignments). For this example, enter 198. . Step 1 - Add monitor IPs ¶. 1. 200 and 24 (See WAN IP Address Assignments).

For example: ISP ->.

. The NAT configuration when using HA with Multi-WAN is the same as HA with a single WAN, except the rules are repeated so there is a set for each WAN.



Setup: FW 1 WAN 172.