Popular topics include: daily routine, personal relationships, leisure activities, school life and.

Tell me 4 different things you did this morning before coming to school.

Spanish Sundries. .

As much as possible, students read and listen to authentic texts from the Spanish-speaking world throughout the exam.

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• Be clear about which topics and sub-topics are covered in each theme (see the specification, pages 10-11). By the time you reach the AP® level in a foreign language, you have had plenty of experience with the grammar, and. You will not know the topics in advance.

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Exam Outline Review. Tell me 4 different things you did this morning before coming to school.

Free-Response Questions.

Students must answer all questions in both sections.

. As the other papers, Paper 2(speaking) weights 25% of the total Spanish GCSE.

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If you’re still stuck, here are some more Spanish conversation starters you could use: “¿Está desocupada esta silla?”.

Tell me 3 different things friends or members of your.


. <strong>Spanish: World Language 5195 PRAXIS EXAM. .

. You will not know the topics in advance. I want to know about what your childhood was like. Spanish Sundries. .


Exam questions are based on the six learning objectives and assess all themes. This is.

Preparing for this exam can be very nerve wracking! The topics covered are very broad and can leave you completely confused and frustrated on what exactly should be reviewed and studied.


The Praxis Spanish: World Language exam contains 75 selected-response questions and six constructed-response questions, and you will be given approximately three hours to complete the exam.

AP Exams are regularly updated to align with best practices in college-level learning.

11MB) provides complete details about the exam.